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1.Palacio Real 2.Jardín del Parterre y Jardín del Rey 3.Jardín de la Isla 4.Jardín del Príncipe 5.Casa de Labrador 6.Capilla de San Antonio 7.Hospital de San Carlos 8.Real Cortijo de San Isidro 9.Convento de San Pascual 10.Iglesia de Alpages

Información de la ciudad

Aranjuez , located in the Community of Madrid, is one of the Royal Sites of the Spanish monarchy since Philip II and appointed him in 1560 , also has the title of Villa since 1899 . This is why it is known as Royal Place and Villa Aranjuez. Its Old Town Historic-Artistic , royal palaces and gardens on the banks of the Tagus Aranjuez up the path . The concepts of the Enlightenment, the affluent urban development of cities , here are reflected on a balance between nature and man, watercourses and layout of the gardens, between forest and palace architecture . For all that has been declared by UNESCO in 2001 Cultural Landscape of Humanity . The Strawberry Train and Feasts of the Mutiny of Aranjuez, of National Tourist Interest , are some of the cultural events that await visitors in this suburb .
Aranjuez Cultural Landscape was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001.

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